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  This review appeared on the online discussion forum Cornwall 24, 25 February 2009. It was written by a former board member of Kesva an Taves Kernewek, the Cornish Language Board. The original image—which must have taken some effort to produce—was hosted at www.saprutum.cymru247.net/ which it appears is where Keith works on his very own conlang, Saprútum.

Keith Bailey

Here is a rare picture of the AT [i.e. Agan Tavas] inner circle, the day the glamoure [sic] wore off.

"Oh my warts and flippers! I think we have a problem of form and function, Captain. The morphic field is wavering ... divert secondary systems ... Oh Sh..."

"All those in favour say ... ribbyt!"

[Note. No amphibians were harmed in the making of this picture, in fact they all got a free lift back to their swamp.]

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