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A review of the Dictionary

Mini Review of the new dictionary published by Everson Gunn and Agan Tavas. There is no need for the lectures by N.Williams and Michael Everson,against the alternative orthographies of Cornish ,which are a rehash of "Cornish Today".This gives a negative tone to the book.How many dictionaries disparage other forms of the language.?. Most speakers of the language will already know the various arguements against UCR,Kemmyn,Modern etc.yet learners will only be confused by the preface to the dictionary.This work should be able to stand alone. There are many new words that speakers of Cornish will probably have not met before, who coined these words, there is no indiaction,what words are traditional, were coined in the 20th C, and what words were coined by Williams,by what authority are the new words coined. Has Williams set himself up as a one man language board.? As there are many new words, there should be a Cornsh-English Dictionay,otherwise how are speakers going to look up the meaning of a work they have met,if it is not in the original dictionaries by Nance,Gendall or George.For example a reader comes across this expression,"Bank Kerfysek Cruenva"where is he/she going to look up the meaning.! This may take a while as the dictionary was not produced by using a database,(I understand Williams is computerphobic) . So we now have the Cornish for "Osmium:(osmyum),and the rest of the elements,and other information such as the books of the bible,which tend to bloat the dictionary.I found the Hebrew Alphabet usefull,maybe we shoud write Cornish using that,! Placenames are another thing, this will cause mass confusion, Keresk and Loundres I accept as they are traditional, but who will understand this " ef a dhe Kerlyr avorow" what city in England is "Kerlry"other towns in England are changed unecessarily, and why Dublin which is English and not" Baile Atha Cliath" Foreign place names get out of control, why "Kebek" no one uses that except maybe the Slavic Langauges, If you are going to change "New York" to "Evrok Neweth" why not change "Los Angeles" to "An Elow"(The Angels).Queensland in Australia becomes"Tyreth an Vyternes" who is going to understand that!

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Michael Everson, Evertype, Westport, 2001-09-21