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Using GaelSpell for the Mac OS

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Once GaelSpell has been downloaded and installed, using it is quite straightforward. Simply create a new document (or load an existing one) and start typing.

In Microsoft Word, for instance, you should notice that any word that doesn't appear in either Word's English dictionary or in GaelSpell's list of words will appear with a red line underneath it. Simply control-click on a "misspelt" word to see a set of alternatives. A list of "nearest matches" from GaelSpell's dictionary will then be given. Clicking on any of the words listed will insert them into your document. If a red line appears underneath a word that you are sure is spelt correctly then that word can easily be added to GaelSpell's dictionary: Just right-click on the word and then click on "Add" to put it onto GaelSpell's wordlist.

If you find that a lot of the words you use are not in GaelSpell's dictionary already, then Diarmaid Mac Mathúna can add them to his database. Write to Diarmaid if you want him to add one of your documents to the database that will be used to prepare the next version. (Please don't just send him the files. Write to him first.)

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