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  A few years ago a colleague from Bakı, Azərbaycan, gave me a clay disk with Arabic script on it. Some colleagues on the Unicode list kindly helped me to read it.

I've colour-coded the calligraphy to make it easier to parse. What I see appears to be MEEM, DAMMA, HAH, FATHA, MEEM, SHADDA, FATHA, DAL. So it reads muhammad, Muhammad, the name of the prophet. (The yellow bits are apparently just decorative.)


On the back of the disc it says AVŞAR and has a small moon with what I guess is a four-pointed star in it. I gather that this is the name of the artist.

I have hung the disc on the wall in the hallway, near an icon of Cyril and Methodius, the inventors of the Cyrillic script. The disc reminds me of the simplicity and complexity of the world's scripts. It reminds me too of the influence one person can have on the whole world, and of how connected we all are. Both the prophet whose name the potter honoured, and the potter himself, because of a small piece of work he made, are part of my daily life.

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