ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N______
Date: 1997-07-01

Title: Proposal to add 2 Latin characters to ISO/IEC 10646

Source: Erkki Kolehmainen (FI), Klaas Ruppel (FI)
Status: Finnish National Member Body Contribution
Action: For consideration by JTC1/SC2/WG2

This document contains the proposal summary (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 form N1352) and a full proposal for the encoding of 2 Latin characters in ISO/IEC 10646.

A. Administrative

1. Title 2 Latin characters for Finnish Romani
2. Requester's name Erkki Kolehmainen and Klaas Ruppel
3. Requester type Member body contribution
4. Submission date 1997-07-01
5. Requester's reference
6a. Completion This is a preliminary proposal.
6b. More information to be provided? Yes, information on coded character set use can be provided if necessary.

B. Technical -- General

1a. New script? Name? No
1b. Addition of characters to existing block? Name? Yes, Latin
2. Number of characters 2
3. Proposed category Category A
4. Proposed level of implementation and rationale Level 1; see Appendix A
5a. Character names included in proposal? Yes
5b. Character names in accordance with guidelines? Yes
5c. Character shapes reviewable? Yes (see Appendix A)
6a. Who will provide computerized font? Michael Everson, Everson Typography
6b. Font currently available? Michael Everson, Everson Typography
6c. Font format? TrueType
7a. Are references (to other character sets, dictionaries, descriptive texts, etc.) provided? Yes
7b. Are published examples (such as samples from newspapers, magazines, or other sources) of use of proposed characters attached? Yes.
8. Does the proposal address other aspects of character data processing? No

C. Technical -- Justification

1. Has this proposal been submitted before? Explain No
2. Contact with the user community? Yes, with Kotimaisten Kielten Tutkimuskeskus
3. Information on the user community? Limited (see Appendix A)
4a. The context of use for the proposed characters? Common
4b. Reference Appendix A
5a. Proposed characters in current use? Yes
5b. Where? In Finland and Sweden.
6a. Characters should be encoded entirely in BMP? Yes
6b. Rationale All Latin characters should be in the BMP
7. Should characters be kept in a continuous range? No, but they should be kept together with the other Latin characters.
8a. Can the characters be considered a presentation form of an existing character or character sequence? Yes, at Level 3 you could compose these characters. However this is a request for Level 1 support.
8b. Where? H or h + CARON 
8c. Reference
9a. Can any of the characters be considered to be similar (in appearance or function) to an existing character? No
9b. Where?  
9c. Reference  
10a. Combining characters or use of composite sequences included? No.
10b. List of composite sequences and their corresponding glyph images provided? No
11. Characters with any special properties such as control function, etc. included? No

D. SC2/WG2 Administrative

To be completed by SC2/WG2

1. Relevant SC 2/WG 2 document numbers:  
2. Status (list of meeting number and corresponding action or disposition)  
3. Additional contact to user communities, liaison organizations etc.  
4. Assigned category and assigned priority/time frame  
Other Comments  

E. Proposal

Inclusion of 2 Latin characters for Finnish Romany in ISO/IEC 10646

Erkki Kolehmainen, Suomen Tiedonsiirtoyhdistys (STY)
Klaas Ruppel, Kotimaisten Kielten Tutkimuskeskus (Centre for Domestic Languages of Finland)

User community

Some 6000 Romany live in Finland and 3000 Romany have moved from Finland to Sweden. Their native tongue is Northern Romany, the orthography of which has been standardized and is taught normally in schools. Of the five non-basic Latin letters in ISO/IEC 10646 used to write this language, one of them (the subject of this proposal) can only be written at implementation Level 3 of the standard. The other three, S WITH CARON, Z WITH CARON, A WITH DIAERESIS, and O WITH DIAERESIS, can be written both at Level 1 and Level 3.

Names and glyphs


User community

Koivisto, Viljo. 1982. Drabibosko ta rannibosko byrjiba. [Helsinki]: Kouluhallitus. ISBN 951-46-6280-6

Koivisto, Viljo. 1994. Romano-finitiko-angliko laavesko liin = Romani-suomi-englanti sanakirja = Romany-Finnish-English dictionary. (Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskuksen julkaisuja; 74) Helsinki: Painatuskeskus. ISBN 951-37-1363-6, ISSN 0355-5437.

Michael Everson, Evertype, Dublin, 2001-09-21