ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N1187 Annex C
Date: 1995-03-24
This is an unofficial HTML version of a document submitted to WG2.

Stroke order sort of the Yi script

Yi #Yi NameFu zzi
Bbur bop
Bbur xi
0493YI LETTER CYP049201980001
0201YI LETTER TU020105570002
0406YI LETTER HXUO040604300003
0121YI LETTER MOP012104080004
0038YI LETTER PUT003804090005
0042YI LETTER PYT004206820006
0768YI LETTER NYOP076705500007
0662YI LETTER SHY066107020008
0318YI LETTER LYR031803960009
0660YI LETTER SHUR065907390010
0473YI LETTER CIP047207670011
0410YI LETTER HXOP041007680012
0646YI LETTER SHAT064507800013
0653YI LETTER SHOP065207810014
0803YI LETTER YY080200010015
0039YI LETTER PU003900020016
0783YI LETTER XY078200030017
0530YI LETTER NZY052900040018
0295YI LETTER LI029500670019
0299YI LETTER LIEP029900680020
0372YI LETTER GGO037200690021
0018YI LETTER BU001800700022
0742YI LETTER NJI074100710023
0741YI LETTER NJIT074000720024
0760YI LETTER NYIP075901280025
0472YI LETTER CI047101290026
0353YI LETTER KOP035301300027
0301YI LETTER LA030101310028
0425YI LETTER HIT042501320029
0363YI LETTER GGIE036301330030
0335YI LETTER GE033501990031
0409YI LETTER HXO040902000032
0567YI LETTER SSE056602010033
0261YI LETTER NUO026102020034
0177YI LETTER DOP017702030035
0307YI LETTER LO030702040036
0371YI LETTER GGOT037102050037
0022YI LETTER BY002202060038
0426YI LETTER HIE042602070039
0480YI LETTER CUO047902080040
0812YI LETTER AT081102670041
0186YI LETTER TIP018602680042
0246YI LETTER HNA024602690043
0377YI LETTER GGUT037702700044
0344YI LETTER KIE034402710045
0524YI LETTER NZOP052302720046
0627YI LETTER RRY062603060047
0373YI LETTER GGOP037303070048
0663YI LETTER SHYP066203080049
0416YI LETTER NGA041603090050
0336YI LETTER GEP033603340051
0167YI LETTER DI016703350052
0176YI LETTER DO017603360053
0109YI LETTER MI010903370054
0396YI LETTER HXIT039603680055
0317YI LETTER LYP031703690056
0094YI LETTER HMA009403700057
0100YI LETTER HMOP010003970058
0320YI LETTER GI032004100059
0279YI LETTER HLAP027904110060
0450YI LETTER ZIP044904120061
0796YI LETTER YO079504130062
0697YI LETTER JUP069604140063
0540YI LETTER SAP053904150064
0634YI LETTER NROP063304160065
0019YI LETTER BUP001904310066
0696YI LETTER JU069504320067
0146YI LETTER VI014604330068
0400YI LETTER HXIE040004340069
0420YI LETTER NGOT042004350070
0189YI LETTER TAT018904360071
0620YI LETTER RRE061904370072
0408YI LETTER HXOT040804380073
0700YI LETTER JY069904390074
0555YI LETTER SYR055404710075
0553YI LETTER SY055204720076
0720YI LETTER QY071904730077
0326YI LETTER GA032604740078
0359YI LETTER KUP035904750079
0491YI LETTER CYT049004760080
0338YI LETTER GU033805200081
0222YI LETTER DDUR022205210082
0698YI LETTER JUR069705220083
0395YI LETTER MGUR039505230084
0415YI LETTER NGAT041505240085
0743YI LETTER NJIP074205250086
0154YI LETTER VOT015405260087
0152YI LETTER VA015205270088
0514YI LETTER ZZYR051305280089
0369YI LETTER GGUO036905290090
0519YI LETTER NZIEP051805300091
0225YI LETTER NDIP022505510092
0342YI LETTER KI034205520093
0705YI LETTER QIP070405580094
0285YI LETTER HLEP028505590095
0716YI LETTER QU071505600096
0434YI LETTER HO043405610097
0478YI LETTER CA047705620098
0485YI LETTER CE048405630099
0284YI LETTER HLE028405640100
0114YI LETTER MA011405850101
0283YI LETTER HLOP028305860102
0277YI LETTER HLAT027705870103
0550YI LETTER SUP054905880104
0819YI LETTER OP081805890105
0257YI LETTER NIE025705900106
0026YI LETTER PI002605910107
0005YI LETTER BIE000505920108
0475YI LETTER CIE047405930109
0671YI LETTER RO067005940110
0667YI LETTER RAP066605950111
0006YI LETTER BIEP000605960112
0175YI LETTER DOT017505970113
0380YI LETTER GGUR038006500114
0641YI LETTER NRUR064006510115
0734YI LETTER JJUT073306520116
0659YI LETTER SHUP065806530117
0817YI LETTER OT081606540118
0458YI LETTER ZOT045706550119
0119YI LETTER MOT011906830120
0098YI LETTER HMOT009806840121
0256YI LETTER NIP025606850122
0808YI LETTER IP080706860123
0233YI LETTER NDE023306870124
0433YI LETTER HOT043307030125
0804YI LETTER YYP080307040126
0157YI LETTER VEP015707050127
0682YI LETTER RYR068107060128
0693YI LETTER JO069207170129
0125YI LETTER MUP012507400130
0298YI LETTER LIE029807410131
0537YI LETTER SIEP053607420132
0073YI LETTER NBIEP007300050133
0047YI LETTER BBI004700060134
0766YI LETTER NYOT076500070135
0357YI LETTER KUT035700080136
0220YI LETTER DDU022000090137
0291YI LETTER HLY029100100138
0771YI LETTER NYUP077000110139
0737YI LETTER JJUR073600120140
0236YI LETTER NDU023600130141
0057YI LETTER BBOT005700140142
0813YI LETTER A081200150143
0136YI LETTER FO013600160144
0513YI LETTER ZZYP051200170145
0661YI LETTER SHYT066000180146
0002YI LETTER BI000200190147
0030YI LETTER PAT003000200148
0082YI LETTER NBUP008200210149
0785YI LETTER XYR078400220150
0423YI LETTER NGE042300730151
0174YI LETTER DUO017400740152
0774YI LETTER XIP077300750153
0358YI LETTER KU035800760154
0360YI LETTER KUR036000770155
0180YI LETTER DUT018000780156
0717YI LETTER QUP071600790157
0188YI LETTER TIEP018800800158
0124YI LETTER MU012400810159
0658YI LETTER SHU065700820160
0155YI LETTER VO015500830161
0422YI LETTER NGOP042200840162
0536YI LETTER SIE053500850163
0580YI LETTER ZHUOP057900860164
0507YI LETTER ZZEP050600870165
0362YI LETTER GGI036200880166
0368YI LETTER GGUOT036800890167
0122YI LETTER ME012200900168
0148YI LETTER VIET014800910169
0541YI LETTER SUO054001340170
0542YI LETTER SUOP054101350171
0535YI LETTER SIP053401360172
0412YI LETTER HXEP041201370173
0431YI LETTER HUO043101380174
0095YI LETTER HMAP009501390175
0183YI LETTER DUR018301400176
0240YI LETTER HNI024001410177
0199YI LETTER TEP019901420178
0120YI LETTER MO012001430179
0596YI LETTER CHA059501440180
0595YI LETTER CHAT059401450181
0579YI LETTER ZHUO057801460182
0581YI LETTER ZHOT058001470183
0241YI LETTER HNIP024101480184
0665YI LETTER RAT066401490185
0699YI LETTER JYT069801500186
0446YI LETTER WEP044601510187
0304YI LETTER LUO030401520188
0508YI LETTER ZZU050701530189
0810YI LETTER IE080901540190
0476YI LETTER CIEP047501550191
0471YI LETTER CIT047001560192
0780YI LETTER XO077901570193
0566YI LETTER SSOP056501580194
0436YI LETTER HE043601590195
0622YI LETTER RRUT062101600196
0668YI LETTER RUO066701610197
0474YI LETTER CIET047301620198
0381YI LETTER MGIE038101630199
0628YI LETTER RRYP062701640200
0588YI LETTER ZHU058701650201
0266YI LETTER NE026602090202
0205YI LETTER DDI020502100203
0795YI LETTER YOT079402110204
0403YI LETTER HXA040302120205
0131YI LETTER FI013102130206
0234YI LETTER NDEP023402140207
0040YI LETTER PUP004002150208
0068YI LETTER BBYP006802160209
0088YI LETTER HMIT008802170210
0067YI LETTER BBY006702180211
0788YI LETTER YIP078702190212
0195YI LETTER TOT019502200213
0258YI LETTER NIEP025802210214
0645YI LETTER NRYR064402220215
0801YI LETTER YUR080002230216
0153YI LETTER VAP015302240217
0178YI LETTER DE017802250218
0187YI LETTER TIE018702260219
0184YI LETTER TIT018402270220
0603YI LETTER CHOP060202280221
0814YI LETTER AP081302290222
0520YI LETTER NZAT051902300223
0292YI LETTER HLYP029202310224
0756YI LETTER NJYP075502320225
0350YI LETTER KUOP035002330226
0158YI LETTER VUT015802340227
0681YI LETTER RYP068002350228
0767YI LETTER NYO076602360229
0268YI LETTER NUT026802370230
0820YI LETTER E081902380231
0021YI LETTER BYT002102390232
0321YI LETTER GIP032102730233
0790YI LETTER YIE078902740234
0092YI LETTER HMIEP009202750235
0141YI LETTER FUR014102760236
0702YI LETTER JYR070102770237
0512YI LETTER ZZY051102780238
0294YI LETTER LIT029402790239
0063YI LETTER BBU006302800240
0427YI LETTER HAT042702810241
0276YI LETTER HLIEP027602820242
0557YI LETTER SSI055602830243
0003YI LETTER BIP000302840244
0462YI LETTER ZEP046102850245
0127YI LETTER MYT012702860246
0156YI LETTER VOP015602870247
0160YI LETTER VUP016002880248
0758YI LETTER NYIT075703100249
0243YI LETTER HNIE024303110250
0755YI LETTER NJY075403120251
0554YI LETTER SYP055303130252
0642YI LETTER NRYT064103140253
0230YI LETTER NDOT023003150254
0367YI LETTER GGAP036703160255
0309YI LETTER LE030903170256
0231YI LETTER NDO023103180257
0365YI LETTER GGAT036503190258
0384YI LETTER MGAP038403200259
0636YI LETTER NRE063503210260
0459YI LETTER ZO045803220261
0143YI LETTER FY014303230262
0096YI LETTER HMUO009603240263
0142YI LETTER FYT014203250264
0286YI LETTER HLUT028603380265
0064YI LETTER BBUP006403390266
0267YI LETTER NEP026703400267
0265YI LETTER NOP026503410268
0132YI LETTER FIP013203420269
0228YI LETTER NDA022803430270
0334YI LETTER GET033403440271
0227YI LETTER NDAT022703450272
0489YI LETTER CUP048803460273
0757YI LETTER NJYR075603470274
0259YI LETTER NA025903480275
0573YI LETTER SSY057203490276
0293YI LETTER HLYR029303500277
0110YI LETTER MIP011003510278
0112YI LETTER MIEP011203520279
0097YI LETTER HMUOP009703530280
0798YI LETTER YUT079703540281
0086YI LETTER NBYP008603550282
0753YI LETTER NJUR075203560283
0684YI LETTER JI068303710284
0364YI LETTER GGIEP036403720285
0316YI LETTER LY031603730286
0310YI LETTER LEP031003740287
0439YI LETTER WA043903750288
0440YI LETTER WAP044003760289
0065YI LETTER BBUR006503770290
0611YI LETTER CHY061003780291
0179YI LETTER DEP017903790292
0621YI LETTER RREP062003800293
0602YI LETTER CHO060103810294
0593YI LETTER ZHYP059203820295
0543YI LETTER SOT054203980296
0754YI LETTER NJYT075303990297
0591YI LETTER ZHYT059004000298
0679YI LETTER RYT067804010299
0633YI LETTER NRO063204170300
0319YI LETTER GIT031904180301
0479YI LETTER CAP047804190302
0080YI LETTER NBUT008004200303
0077YI LETTER NBOT007704210304
0578YI LETTER ZHAP057704220305
0609YI LETTER CHUR060804230306
0169YI LETTER DIE016904400307
0217YI LETTER DDE021704410308
0750YI LETTER NJOP074904420309
0625YI LETTER RRUR062404430310
0733YI LETTER JJOP073204440311
0677YI LETTER RUP067604450312
0701YI LETTER JYP070004460313
0594YI LETTER ZHYR059304470314
0651YI LETTER SHOT065004480315
0752YI LETTER NJUP075104490316
0051YI LETTER BBIEP005104500317
0128YI LETTER MY012804770318
0552YI LETTER SYT055104790319
0784YI LETTER XYP078304800320
0145YI LETTER VIT014504810321
0721YI LETTER QYP072004820322
0797YI LETTER YOP079604830323
0323YI LETTER GIE032304840324
0290YI LETTER HLYT029004850325
0690YI LETTER JUO068904860326
0694YI LETTER JOP069304870327
0354YI LETTER KET035404880328
0548YI LETTER SUT054704890329
0405YI LETTER HXUOT040504900330
0407YI LETTER HXUOP040704910331
0730YI LETTER JJUOP072904920332
0144YI LETTER FYP014404930333
0806YI LETTER IT080505310334
0807YI LETTER I080605320335
0528YI LETTER NZUR052705330336
0031YI LETTER PA003105340337
0032YI LETTER PAP003205350338
0305YI LETTER LUOP030505360339
0482YI LETTER COT048105370340
0438YI LETTER WAT043805380341
0020YI LETTER BUR002005390342
0727YI LETTER JJIE072605400343
0617YI LETTER RRO061605530344
0718YI LETTER QUR071705650345
0151YI LETTER VAT015105660346
0565YI LETTER SSO056405670347
0296YI LETTER LIP029605680348
0769YI LETTER NYUT076805690349
0327YI LETTER GAP032705700350
0339YI LETTER GUP033905710351
0695YI LETTER JUT069405720352
0568YI LETTER SSEP056705730353
0477YI LETTER CAT047605740354
0289YI LETTER HLUR028905980355
0048YI LETTER BBIP004805990356
0382YI LETTER MGAT038206000357
0809YI LETTER IET080806010358
0281YI LETTER HLUOP028106020359
0274YI LETTER HLIP027406030360
0248YI LETTER HNUO024806040361
0421YI LETTER NGO042106050362
0484YI LETTER COP048306060363
0483YI LETTER CO048206070364
0456YI LETTER ZUO045506080365
0262YI LETTER NUOP026206090366
0818YI LETTER O081706100367
0587YI LETTER ZHUT058606110368
0674YI LETTER REP067306120369
0001YI LETTER BIT000106130370
0490YI LETTER CUR048906140371
0463YI LETTER ZUT046206150372
0638YI LETTER NRUT063706160373
0391YI LETTER MGEP039106170374
0691YI LETTER JUOP069006180375
0200YI LETTER TUT020006190376
0004YI LETTER BIET000406200377
0017YI LETTER BUT001706560378
0182YI LETTER DUP018206570379
0388YI LETTER MGO038806580380
0589YI LETTER ZHUP058806590381
0764YI LETTER NYUO076306600382
0029YI LETTER PIEP002906610383
0460YI LETTER ZOP045906620384
0816YI LETTER UOP081506630385
0386YI LETTER MGUOP038606640386
0049YI LETTER BBIET004906650387
0045YI LETTER PYR004506880388
0496YI LETTER ZZI049506890389
0025YI LETTER PIT002506900390
0725YI LETTER JJIP072406910391
0218YI LETTER DDEP021806920392
0637YI LETTER NREP063606930393
0703YI LETTER QIT070206940394
0402YI LETTER HXAT040206950395
0786YI LETTER YIT078506960396
0789YI LETTER YIET078806970397
0161YI LETTER VUR016106980398
0389YI LETTER MGOP038907070399
0287YI LETTER HLU028707080400
0454YI LETTER ZA045307090401
0361YI LETTER GGIT036107100402
0054YI LETTER BBAP005407180403
0447YI LETTER WU082004780404
0312YI LETTER LU031207190405
0079YI LETTER NBOP007907200406
0692YI LETTER JOT069107210407
0772YI LETTER XIT077107220408
0776YI LETTER XIE077507230409
0775YI LETTER XIET077407240410
0739YI LETTER JJY073807250411
0015YI LETTER BE001507260412
0443YI LETTER WO044307430413
0492YI LETTER CY049107450414
0435YI LETTER HOP043507460415
0773YI LETTER XI077207470416
0468YI LETTER ZY046707480417
0170YI LETTER DIEP017007490418
0481YI LETTER CUOP048007500419
0101YI LETTER HMUT010107690420
0043YI LETTER PY004307700421
0345YI LETTER KIEP034507710422
0749YI LETTER NJO074807720423
0347YI LETTER KA034707820424
0172YI LETTER DA017207830425
0173YI LETTER DAP017307840426
0719YI LETTER QYT071807850427
0328YI LETTER GUOT032807860428
0247YI LETTER HNAP024707870429
0011YI LETTER BUOP001107990430
0212YI LETTER DDUO021208000431
0398YI LETTER HXIP039808010432
0355YI LETTER KE035508150433
0712YI LETTER QOT071100230434
0517YI LETTER NZIP051600240435
0585YI LETTER ZHE058400250436
0129YI LETTER MYP012900260437
0089YI LETTER HMI008900270438
0592YI LETTER ZHY059100280439
0411YI LETTER HXE041100290440
0657YI LETTER SHUT065600300441
0315YI LETTER LYT031500310442
0432YI LETTER HUOP043200320443
0735YI LETTER JJU073400330444
0206YI LETTER DDIP020600340445
0166YI LETTER DIT016600350446
0724YI LETTER JJI072300360447
0643YI LETTER NRY064200370448
0076YI LETTER NBAP007600380449
0632YI LETTER NRAP063100390450
0770YI LETTER NYU076900400451
0008YI LETTER BA000800410452
0007YI LETTER BAT000700420453
0669YI LETTER RUOP066800430454
0644YI LETTER NRYP064300440455
0529YI LETTER NZYT052800450456
0221YI LETTER DDUP022100460457
0297YI LETTER LIET029700920458
0399YI LETTER HXIET039900930459
0055YI LETTER BBUO005500940460
0224YI LETTER NDI022400950461
0341YI LETTER KIT034100960462
0185YI LETTER TI018500970463
0126YI LETTER MUR012600980464
0332YI LETTER GO033200990465
0105YI LETTER HMY010501000466
0123YI LETTER MUT012301010467
0533YI LETTER SIT053201020468
0538YI LETTER SAT053701030469
0417YI LETTER NGAP041701040470
0061YI LETTER BBEP006101050471
0707YI LETTER QIE070601060472
0549YI LETTER SU054801070473
0282YI LETTER HLO028201080474
0229YI LETTER NDAP022901090475
0464YI LETTER ZU046301100476
0091YI LETTER HMIE009101110477
0034YI LETTER PUOP003401120478
0709YI LETTER QUOT070801130479
0800YI LETTER YUP079901140480
0457YI LETTER ZUOP045601150481
0759YI LETTER NYI075801660482
0239YI LETTER HNIT023901670483
0430YI LETTER HUOT043001680484
0546YI LETTER SE054501690485
0138YI LETTER FUT013801700486
0647YI LETTER SHA064601710487
0510YI LETTER ZZUR050901720488
0525YI LETTER NZE052401730489
0452YI LETTER ZIEP045101740490
0242YI LETTER HNIET024201750491
0747YI LETTER NJUO074601760492
0732YI LETTER JJO073101770493
0113YI LETTER MAT011301780494
0383YI LETTER MGA038301790495
0582YI LETTER ZHO058101800496
0781YI LETTER XOP078001810497
0023YI LETTER BYP002301820498
0614YI LETTER RRA061301830499
0442YI LETTER WUOP044201840500
0071YI LETTER NBIP007101850501
0270YI LETTER NUP027002400502
0269YI LETTER NU026902410503
0164YI LETTER VYP016402420504
0791YI LETTER YIEP079002430505
0117YI LETTER MUO011702440506
0793YI LETTER YUO079202450507
0590YI LETTER ZHUR058902460508
0599YI LETTER CHUO059802470509
0413YI LETTER NGIE041302480510
0521YI LETTER NZA052002490511
0515YI LETTER NZIT051402500512
0066YI LETTER BBYT006602510513
0351YI LETTER KOT035102890514
0245YI LETTER HNAT024502900515
0619YI LETTER RRET061802910516
0584YI LETTER ZHET058302920517
0629YI LETTER RRYR062802930518
0564YI LETTER SSOT056302940519
0504YI LETTER ZZO050302950520
0731YI LETTER JJOT073002960521
0635YI LETTER NRET063402970522
0193YI LETTER TUO019303260523
0626YI LETTER RRYT062503270524
0569YI LETTER SSUT056803280525
0260YI LETTER NAP026003570526
0196YI LETTER TO019603580527
0348YI LETTER KAP034803590528
0302YI LETTER LAP030203600529
0250YI LETTER HNOP025003610530
0253YI LETTER HNUT025303620531
0249YI LETTER HNOT024903630532
0570YI LETTER SSU056903640533
0610YI LETTER CHYT060903650534
0244YI LETTER HNIEP024403660535
0500YI LETTER ZZIEP049903830536
0204YI LETTER DDIT020403840537
0650YI LETTER SHUOP064903850538
0134YI LETTER FA013403860539
0495YI LETTER ZZIT049403870540
0147YI LETTER VIP014703880541
0060YI LETTER BBE006003890542
0366YI LETTER GGA036604020543
0787YI LETTER YI078604240544
0618YI LETTER RROP061704250545
0010YI LETTER BUO001004260546
0794YI LETTER YUOP079304270547
0303YI LETTER LUOT030304280548
0751YI LETTER NJU075004510549
0393YI LETTER MGU039304520550
0159YI LETTER VU015904530551
0688YI LETTER JIEP068704540552
0280YI LETTER HLUO028004550553
0251YI LETTER HNE025104560554
0191YI LETTER TAP019104570555
0346YI LETTER KAT034604580556
0441YI LETTER WUO044104590557
0050YI LETTER BBIE005004600558
0104YI LETTER HMUR010404940559
0356YI LETTER KEP035604950560
0163YI LETTER VY016304960561
0036YI LETTER PO003604970562
0726YI LETTER JJIET072504980563
0782YI LETTER XYT078104990564
0394YI LETTER MGUP039405000565
0272YI LETTER HLIT027205010566
0273YI LETTER HLI027305020567
0799YI LETTER YU079805030568
0505YI LETTER ZZOP050405040569
0325YI LETTER GAT032505050570
0455YI LETTER ZAP045405060571
0449YI LETTER ZI044805070572
0465YI LETTER ZUP046405080573
0683YI LETTER JIT068205090574
0322YI LETTER GIET032205100575
0532YI LETTER NZYR053105410576
0711YI LETTER QUOP071005420577
0340YI LETTER GUR034005430578
0171YI LETTER DAT017105440579
0116YI LETTER MUOT011605450580
0308YI LETTER LOP030805540581
0311YI LETTER LUT031105750582
0714YI LETTER QOP071305760583
0630YI LETTER NRAT062905770584
0013YI LETTER BO001305780585
0108YI LETTER MIT010805790586
0111YI LETTER MIE011105800587
0715YI LETTER QUT071406210588
0401YI LETTER HXIEP040106220589
0028YI LETTER PIE002806230590
0263YI LETTER NOT026306240591
0666YI LETTER RA066506250592
0811YI LETTER IEP081006260593
0597YI LETTER CHAP059606270594
0506YI LETTER ZZE050506280595
0745YI LETTER NJIE074406290596
0689YI LETTER JUOT068806300597
0487YI LETTER CUT048606310598
0035YI LETTER POT003506320599
0081YI LETTER NBU008106330600
0778YI LETTER XUO077706340601
0046YI LETTER BBIT004606350602
0237YI LETTER NDUP023706660603
0673YI LETTER RE067206670604
0202YI LETTER TUP020206680605
0275YI LETTER HLIE027506690606
0563YI LETTER SSAP056206700607
0288YI LETTER HLUP028806710608
0429YI LETTER HAP042906720609
0387YI LETTER MGOT038706730610
0070YI LETTER NBI007006740611
0099YI LETTER HMO009906990612
0012YI LETTER BOT001207110613
0736YI LETTER JJUP073507120614
0469YI LETTER ZYP046807130615
0192YI LETTER TUOT019207140616
0115YI LETTER MAP011507270617
0078YI LETTER NBO007807280618
0486YI LETTER CEP048507290619
0779YI LETTER XOT077807300620
0168YI LETTER DIP016807310621
0059YI LETTER BBOP005907320622
0181YI LETTER DU018107440623
0704YI LETTER QI070307510624
0444YI LETTER WOP044407520625
0075YI LETTER NBA007507530626
0027YI LETTER PIP002707540627
0235YI LETTER NDUT023507550628
0314YI LETTER LUR031407560629
0313YI LETTER LUP031307570630
0494YI LETTER CYR049307580631
0418YI LETTER NGUOT041807590632
0670YI LETTER ROT066907600633
0672YI LETTER ROP067107610634
0343YI LETTER KIP034307730635
0219YI LETTER DDUT021907740636
0397YI LETTER HXI039707750637
0087YI LETTER NBYR008707760638
0378YI LETTER GGU037807880639
0053YI LETTER BBA005307890640
0379YI LETTER GGUP037907900641
0329YI LETTER GUO032907910642
0466YI LETTER ZUR046507920643
0605YI LETTER CHE060407930644
0606YI LETTER CHEP060507940645
0419YI LETTER NGUO041907950646
0213YI LETTER DDUOP021308020647
0209YI LETTER DDAT020908030648
0072YI LETTER NBIE007208040649
0333YI LETTER GOP033308160650
0375YI LETTER GGE037500470651
0815YI LETTER UO081400480652
0710YI LETTER QUO070900490653
0009YI LETTER BAP000900500654
0139YI LETTER FU013900510655
0448YI LETTER ZIT044700520656
0208YI LETTER DDIEP020800530657
0385YI LETTER MGUO038500540658
0278YI LETTER HLA027800550659
0058YI LETTER BBO005800560660
0678YI LETTER RUR067700570661
0137YI LETTER FOP013700580662
0102YI LETTER HMU010201160663
0198YI LETTER TE019801170664
0615YI LETTER RRUO061401180665
0616YI LETTER RROT061501190666
0194YI LETTER TUOP019401200667
0133YI LETTER FAT013301210668
0648YI LETTER SHAP064701220669
0762YI LETTER NYIE076101230670
0214YI LETTER DDOT021401860671
0162YI LETTER VYT016201870672
0445YI LETTER WE044501880673
0655YI LETTER SHE065401890674
0656YI LETTER SHEP065501900675
0044YI LETTER PYP004401910676
0639YI LETTER NRU063801920677
0461YI LETTER ZE046001930678
0598YI LETTER CHUOT059701940679
0404YI LETTER HXAP040402520680
0376YI LETTER GGEP037602530681
0544YI LETTER SO054302540682
0352YI LETTER KO035202550683
0349YI LETTER KUO034902560684
0271YI LETTER NUR027102570685
0792YI LETTER YUOT079102580686
0203YI LETTER TUR020302590687
0509YI LETTER ZZUP050802600688
0093YI LETTER HMAT009302610689
0601YI LETTER CHOT060002620690
0226YI LETTER NDIE022602630691
0414YI LETTER NGIEP041402640692
0497YI LETTER ZZIP049602980693
0680YI LETTER RY067902990694
0558YI LETTER SSIP055703000695
0453YI LETTER ZAT045203010696
0613YI LETTER CHYR061203020697
0324YI LETTER GIEP032403030698
0232YI LETTER NDOP023203290699
0571YI LETTER SSUP057003300700
0654YI LETTER SHET065303310701
0687YI LETTER JIE068603320702
0264YI LETTER NO026403670703
0223YI LETTER NDIT022303900704
0135YI LETTER FAP013503910705
0559YI LETTER SSIE055803920706
0738YI LETTER JJYT073703930707
0560YI LETTER SSIEP055903940708
0545YI LETTER SOP054404030709
0547YI LETTER SEP054604040710
0062YI LETTER BBUT006204050711
0467YI LETTER ZYT046604060712
0685YI LETTER JIP068404070713
0664YI LETTER SHYR066304610714
0763YI LETTER NYIEP076204620715
0761YI LETTER NYIET076004630716
0052YI LETTER BBAT005204640717
0252YI LETTER HNEP025204650718
0624YI LETTER RRUP062304660719
0037YI LETTER POP003704670720
0728YI LETTER JJIEP072705110721
0723YI LETTER JJIT072205120722
0802YI LETTER YYT080105130723
0523YI LETTER NZUO052205140724
0652YI LETTER SHO065105150725
0392YI LETTER MGUT039205460726
0518YI LETTER NZIE051705470727
0074YI LETTER NBAT007405550728
0130YI LETTER FIT013005560729
0330YI LETTER GUOP033005810730
0531YI LETTER NZYP053005820731
0090YI LETTER HMIP009005830732
0056YI LETTER BBUOP005606360733
0534YI LETTER SI053306370734
0437YI LETTER HEP043706380735
0083YI LETTER NBUR008306390736
0337YI LETTER GUT033706400737
0118YI LETTER MUOP011806410738
0041YI LETTER PUR004106420739
0713YI LETTER QO071206430740
0084YI LETTER NBYT008406440741
0424YI LETTER NGEP042406450742
0623YI LETTER RRU062206750743
0238YI LETTER NDUR023806760744
0562YI LETTER SSA056106770745
0428YI LETTER HA042806780746
0370YI LETTER GGUOP037006790747
0254YI LETTER NIT025407000748
0470YI LETTER ZYR046907150749
0197YI LETTER TOP019707160750
0744YI LETTER NJIET074307330751
0561YI LETTER SSAT056007340752
0526YI LETTER NZU052507350753
0331YI LETTER GOT033107360754
0575YI LETTER SSYR057407370755
0503YI LETTER ZZAP050207620756
0708YI LETTER QIEP070707630757
0777YI LETTER XIEP077607640758
0583YI LETTER ZHOP058207650759
0706YI LETTER QIET070507770760
0748YI LETTER NJOT074707780761
0722YI LETTER QYR072107790762
0600YI LETTER CHUOP059907960763
0488YI LETTER CU048707970764
0604YI LETTER CHET060307980765
0649YI LETTER SHUO064808050766
0150YI LETTER VIEP015008060767
0676YI LETTER RU067508070768
0499YI LETTER ZZIE049808080769
0016YI LETTER BEP001608090770
0516YI LETTER NZI051508170771
0190YI LETTER TA019008180772
0140YI LETTER FUP014008190773
0300YI LETTER LAT030000590774
0572YI LETTER SSYT057100600775
0207YI LETTER DDIE020700610776
0165YI LETTER VYR016500620777
0451YI LETTER ZIE045000630778
0805YI LETTER YYR080400640779
0539YI LETTER SA053801240780
0551YI LETTER SUR055001250781
0255YI LETTER NI025501260782
0069YI LETTER NBIT006901950783
0522YI LETTER NZAP052101960784
0374YI LETTER GGET037402650785
0686YI LETTER JIET068502660786
0216YI LETTER DDOP021603040787
0556YI LETTER SSIT055503050788
0574YI LETTER SSYP057304290789
0033YI LETTER PUO003304680790
0390YI LETTER MGE039004690791
0729YI LETTER JJUO072804700792
0215YI LETTER DDO021505160793
0306YI LETTER LOT030605170794
0640YI LETTER NRUP063905180795
0765YI LETTER NYUOP076405190796
0586YI LETTER ZHEP058505480797
0085YI LETTER NBY008505490798
0103YI LETTER HMUP010305840799
0631YI LETTER NRA063006460800
0607YI LETTER CHU060606470801
0576YI LETTER ZHAT057506480802
0608YI LETTER CHUP060706490803
0746YI LETTER NJIEP074506810804
0107YI LETTER HMYR010706800805
0024YI LETTER BYR002407010806
0527YI LETTER NZUP052607380807
0502YI LETTER ZZA050107660808
0014YI LETTER BOP001408100809
0210YI LETTER DDA021008110810
0211YI LETTER DDAP021108120811
0511YI LETTER ZZYT051008200812
0675YI LETTER RUT067400650813
0149YI LETTER VIE014900660814
0612YI LETTER CHYP061101270815
0740YI LETTER JJYP073901970816
0106YI LETTER HMYP010603330817
0577YI LETTER ZHA057603950818
0501YI LETTER ZZAT050008130819
0498YI LETTER ZZIET049708140820
0821YI COMBINING TONE MARK082108210821
0822YI RADICAL QOT BOP082208220822
0823YI RADICAL LI BOP082308230823
0824YI RADICAL LI KIT BOP082408240824
0825YI RADICAL NYIP BOP082508250825
0826YI RADICAL CYP BOP082608260826
0827YI RADICAL SSI BOP082708270827
0828YI RADICAL GGOP BOP082808280828
0829YI RADICAL GEP BOP082908290829
0830YI RADICAL GEP MI BOP083008300830
0831YI RADICAL HXIT BOP083108310831
0832YI RADICAL LYR BOP083208320832
0833YI RADICAL LYR SEP BOP083308330833
0834YI RADICAL MOP BOP083408340834
0835YI RADICAL MOP ZIP BOP083508350835
0836YI RADICAL MOP PUT BOP083608360836
0837YI RADICAL HXUO BOP083708370837
0838YI RADICAL HXUO TAT BOP083808380838
0839YI RADICAL GA BOP083908390839
0840YI RADICAL GA KUP BOP084008400840
0841YI RADICAL GA CYT BOP084108410841
0842YI RADICAL DDUR BOP084208420842
0843YI RADICAL DDUR BUR BOP084308430843
0844YI RADICAL DDUR GGUO BOP084408440844
0845YI RADICAL NYOP BOP084508450845
0846YI RADICAL TU BOP084608460846
0847YI RADICAL OP BOP084708470847
0848YI RADICAL JJUT BOP084808480848
0849YI RADICAL JJUT ZOT BOP084908490849
0850YI RADICAL PYT BOP085008500850
0851YI RADICAL PYT HXAT BOP085108510851
0852YI RADICAL PYT YIT BOP085208520852
0853YI RADICAL PYT VUR BOP085308530853
0854YI RADICAL SHY BOP085408540854
0855YI RADICAL SHY VEP BOP085508550855
0856YI RADICAL SHY ZYP BOP085608560856
0857YI RADICAL JO BOP085708570857
0858YI RADICAL JO NZUP BOP085808580858
0859YI RADICAL JO JJY BOP085908590859
0860YI RADICAL JO GOT BOP086008600860
0861YI RADICAL JO BE BOP086108610861
0862YI RADICAL WO BOP086208620862
0863YI RADICAL WO DU BOP086308630863
0864YI RADICAL WO SHUR BOP086408640864
0865YI RADICAL WO LIE BOP086508650865
0866YI RADICAL CY BOP086608660866
0867YI RADICAL CY CUOP BOP086708670867
0868YI RADICAL CIP BOP086808680868
0869YI RADICAL CIP HXOP BOP086908690869
0870YI RADICAL SHAT BOP087008700870
0871YI RADICAL SHAT ZUR BOP087108710871
0872YI RADICAL SHAT SHOP BOP087208720872
0873YI RADICAL SHAT HNAP BOP087308730873
0874YI RADICAL ZZIET BOP087408740874
0876YI RADICAL KE BOP087608760876

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