Bottling sloe gin

We had a very good crop of sloes this year so I am laying down a number of bottles. I'm trying different proportions to see what I like. Laid down so far:

1/2 litre gin
250g sloes
200g sugar

1/2 litre gin
250g sloes
150g sugar

1/2 litre gin
250g sloes
100g sugar

1/2 litre gin
300g sloes
150g sugar

Method: Sugar is weighed and funnelled into the 75ml swing-top capped botle. Frozen berries are weighed out in a bowl, zapped 40 seconds in the microwave, and each is sliced with a scissors before putting into the bottle. Then gin (Cork Dry Gin in this case, which was cheap enough per litre in the 1.5 litre size used upside-down in pubs). I've labelled each bottle with the recipe and date of bottling.


Blogger K. said...

Michael: I stumbled across your blog while looking for pictures of snow on Croagh Patrick. I have a holiday home in Carrowholly, on the north side of Westport. We get there 1-2 times a year, although we're hoping to spend more and more time there. My wife is a poet and I am/was a technical writer; what you're doing is inherently interesting to us. We've never met an alphabetician -- perhaps we could stand you to a pint the next time we are in Westport. Check out my comings and goings at www.killiansaid.blogspot.com.

2 February 2008 17:19  
Blogger The Lisa said...

Cork Dry Gin?! Well, it is better than risking ruining Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire, I suppose.

10 April 2008 21:43  
Blogger Michael Everson said...

Moreover, those do not come in the large pub size.

11 April 2008 09:59  

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