Adro dhe’n Bÿs in Peswar Ugans Dëdh

Evertype is pleased to announce the publication of a translation by Kaspar Hocking of Around the World in Eighty Days in Cornish.

This book is written in the orthography called Kernowek Standard, and contains the many of the illustrations of Alphonse-Marie de Neuville and Léon Bennett, which first appeared in the original French edition.

The translator, Kaspar Hocking, was born in January 1913 in London, where his father worked in the Admiralty, after leaving Falmouth for work at the beginning of the twentieth century. Kaspar studied biology at Imperial College in London and worked for 30 years as an entomologist in East Africa (Tanganyika, Uganda, and Kenya), retiring in Polwheveral in 1969. He has taken in interst in the Cornish language since 1989, when his daughter, Vanessa Beeman, persuaded him to classes with her to learn the language. Both Kaspar and Vanessa were made Bards of the Cornish Gorseth in 1993, with Vanessa eventually becoming Deputy Grand Bard in 2003 and Grand Bard in 2006. Kaspar has also been involved with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust both as Chairman of the Council, then President. He was also Chairman of Agan Tavas from 1996 to 1998.


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