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Adro dhe’n Bÿs in Peswar Ugans Dëdh

Adro dhe’n Bÿs in Peswar Ugans Dëdh

By Jules Verne, translated by Kaspar Hocking

First edition, 2009. Illustrations by John Tenniel. Cathair na Mart: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-904808-21-3 (paperback), price: €9.95, £7.95, $9.95.

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“I wager twenty thousand pounds that I shall go around the earth in eighty days or less.” Thus on an October evening, 1872, Phileas Fogg made a bet with his companions in the London Reform Club. And with that, the English gentleman departed with his servant Passepartout! Many are the dangers which await for them on their road which takes them through India, China, and America...   “My a vynn gwystla ugans mil a bunsow my dhe viajya adro dhe’n bÿs in peswar ugans dëdh bò le.” Indella unn gordhuwher in mis Hedra, 1872, Phileas Fogg a genwystlas gans y gowetha i’n Reform Club, Loundres. Ha gans henna, an Sows jentyl a dhybarthas gans y servont Passepartout! Yth esa lies peryl orth aga gortos war aga fordh dres Indya, dres Cathay ha dres an Stâtys Unys...
On this extraordinary journey, Jules Verne, the great nineteenth-century visionary writer entrances us with tale full of obstacles and surprises.   War an fordh goynt-ma yma Jules Verne, an screfer brâs (1828 -1905), meur y hanow hag efan y dhesmygyans, orth agan rafsya gans whedhel lenwys a ancombrynsy hag a wharvosow heb gwetyas.
The translator, Kaspar Hocking, was born in January 1913 in London, where his father worked in the Admiralty, after leaving Falmouth for work at the beginning of the twentieth century. Kaspar studied biology at Imperial College in London and worked for 30 years as an entomologist in East Africa (Tanganyika, Uganda, and Kenya), retiring in Polwheveral in 1969. He has taken in interst in the Cornish language since 1989, when his daughter, Vanessa Beeman, persuaded him to classes with her to learn the language. Both Kaspar and Vanessa were made Bards of the Cornish Gorseth in 1993, with Vanessa eventually becoming Deputy Grand Bard in 2003 and Grand Bard in 2006. Kaspar has also been involved with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust both as Chairman of the Council, then President. He was also Chairman of Agan Tavas from 1996 to 1998.   Genys veu Kaspar Hocking, trailyer an lyver-ma, in Loundres in mis Genver 1913, le mayth esa ober dh’y sîra i’n Amyralta, wosa gasa Arwennek in dyweth an ugansves cansvledhen. Kaspar a studhyas biologyeth in Coljy Imperyal, Loundres, hag a lavuryas dres deg bledhen warn ugans avell entomologyth in Ëst-Africa (Tanganyika, Ûganda, ha Kenya). Ev a omdennas dhe Bolwhevrer in 1969. An tavas Kernowek yw a les dhodho dhyworth an vledhen 1989, pàn inias y vergh, Vanessa Beeman, warnodho dos gensy dhe glassys i’n tavas. Kaspar ha Vanessa aga dew a veu degemerys avell Berdh a Orseth Kernow in 1993. Vanessa a veu dewysys Canas Bardh Meur in 2003 ha Bardh Meur wàr an dyweth i’n vledhen in 2006. Kaspar yw esel inwedh a Drest Bêwnans Gwyls Kernow ha re beu Caderyer an Consel, ha wosa henna, Lewyth an trest. Ev o Caderyer Agan Tavas dhia 1996 dhe 1998.

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