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Alice and the Boy who Slew the Jabberwock
A Tale inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland

Alice and the Boy who Slew the Jabberwock

By Allan William Parkes

First edition, 2016. Poems by Lewis Carroll. Illustrations by Harry Furniss and Harry Rountree. Portlaoise: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-184-2 (paperback), price: €13.95, £11.95, $15.95.

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    “What was your general impression as to her Imperial Fatness?” the King asked the White Rabbit.
    “My impression was that her Imperial Fatness was getting more—”
    “More what?”
    All listened breathlessly for the next word.
    “More prickly!”
    “She must be sent for at once!” the King exclaimed. “Tell her she’s late.”
    And the White Rabbit was off, muttering “She’s late! She’s late!”
    “No use! No use!” Alice heard a voice murmur. It seemed to come from above her. She looked up and saw the Cheshire-Cat smilingly shaking his head.
    Why is it no use?” asked Alice.
    But all he replied was “Heartless! Heartless!” as he faded away again.


    One day the thought occurred to me: Why should the splendid jokes and poems strewn throughout Lewis Carroll’s gigantic novel Sylvie and Bruno languish ignored and forgotten, when they could be put into the mouths of the Alice characters we all know and love? After all, the same wit and humour underpins them.
    And so, Carpenter-like, I began sawing and assembling; and, Walrus-like, began selecting the oysters of nonsense of the largest size. And now in your hands you hold the result.
    By using the Key found in Sylvie and Bruno the door has been opened for a new adventure for Alice. A new Alice book that is 95% pure Carroll.
    —Allan William Parkes

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