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Irish Heraldry: A Brief Introduction

Irish Heraldry

By Nicholas Williams

First edition, 2017. Illustrations by Nicholas Williams. Portlaoise: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-192-7 (paperback), price: €18.95, £16.95, $19.95.

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Also available in Irish.

Few topics are as interesting as heraldry although it is necessary to learn a new vocabulary to enjoy the subject fully. In this book, illustrated by the author, the origin, development and particular nature of Irish heraldry are described; how heraldry was first brought to Ireland by the Anglo-Normans and gradually adopted also by the Gaelic Irish. When describing the various aspects of coats of arms the book almost exclusively uses Irish examples, both Gaelic and Anglo-Norman. The volume includes sections on the heraldry of Ireland itself and of the historic provinces. The arms of cities, towns, counties and dioceses are also discussed, as well as the arms of some notable Irish people. Later chapters deal with modern heraldic jurisdiction and why spurious “souvenir heraldry” is best avoided. The history of the Irish heralds and kings of arms is also described with as well as origins of the present-day Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland.    
Irish Heraldry

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