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The Cornish Consonantal System: Implications for the Revival

The Cornish Consonantal System

Nicholas Williams

First edition, 2016. Portlaoise: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-185-9 (paperback), price: €12.95, £10.95, $13.95.

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Because there are no native speakers of Cornish, there is always the danger that revivalist will shape the revived language according to certain preconceptions. This was certainly true of Jenner and Nance. Revivalists should always be careful to study thoroughly the remains of the traditional language, and thus to base their speech on what is found in the texts rather than on either of the other Brythonic languages or on their own preferences. This is as true for matters of orthography and phonology as it is for the lexicon. In this book certain aspects of the Cornish consonantal system are examined, using as evidence only what is found in the surviving texts. Some at least of the discussion will not have appeared in print before. Thereafter some emendations to the Standard Written Form are suggested by which it might be rendered less inauthentic.

Abbreviations and references
1. Preliminary considerations
2. Final k/g and p/b in monosyllables
3. The alternation θ ‹th› and ð ‹dh›
4. The alternation of final f and v
5. The alternation of final s and z
6. The assibilation of d
7. The assibilation of -nt- and -lt-
8. Palatal assibilation of initial t- and d-
9. Fortis and lenis f
10. Fortis and lenis k and p
11. Pre-occlusion
12. The graphs gh, h, and wh in Cornish
13. Unexpected consonantal spellings
14. Orthographic considerations
15. Initial J- in biblical names
16. Warrant in the texts for k, kw, hw, and x
17. Days of the week and festivals
18. Problems with the Standard Written Form (SWF)
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