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Desky Kernowek: A complete guide to Cornish

An Hobad, nó Anonn agus Ar Ais Arís

By Nicholas Williams

First edition, 2012. Cathair na Mart: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-904808-99-2 (hardcover), price: €32.95, £28.95, $40.95. ISBN 978-1-904808-95-4 (paperback), price: €30.95, £26.95, $34.95.

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Desky Kernowek, a complete guide to Cornish, is aimed at both beginners and the more advanced student.   Desky Kernowek, cowethlyver dien a’n Kernowek, yw intendys rag dalethoryon ha rag studhyoryon moy avauncys inwedh.
  • Desky Kernowek uses Standard Cornish, an orthography that is at once authentic and wholly phonetic.
  • The whole grammar of Cornish is discussed in Desky Kernowek and both Middle and Late Cornish variants are accommodated.
  • All points of grammar and vocabulary are exemplified by instances from the traditional texts in the original spelling.
  • A key to the exercises is given at the end of the book for those learning Cornish by themselves.
  • Desky Kernowek contains a comprehensive phrase-book taken exclusively from traditional Cornish.
  • It also contains a detailed discussion of initial mutation, and a section on verbal usage.
  • The book contains both Cornish-English and English-Cornish glossaries and a full index of subjects.
  • Yma Desky Kernowek ow qwil devnyth a Gernowek Standard, lytherednans warrantus ha leun-fonetek kefrës.
  • Yma oll gramer an tavas dyghtys in Desky Kernowek hag yma spâss rës ino dhe’n dhew versyon a’n tavas, Kernowek Cres ha Kernowek Dewedhes.
  • Rag kenyver poynt a’n gramer pò a’n erva ensamplys yw rës in mes a’n textow tradycyonal i’n spellyans gwredhek.
  • Y kefyr alwheth dhe’n practycyow in dyweth an lyver rag an re-na a vo ow studhya an tavas heb descajor.
  • Y kefyr in Desky Kernowek inwedh leun-lyvryn lavarow, le may ma pùb lavar kemerys in mes a’n textow tradycyonal.
  • Yma rës i’n lyver inwedh egeryans manylys a drailyansow dallath ger, ha chaptra adro dhe ûsyans verbow. Yma gervaow Kernowek-Sowsnek ha Sowsnek-Kernowek i’n lyver ha menegva dhien a destednow.
The section on pronunciation and spelling was written by Michael Everson, a leading expert on writing systems.Professor Nicholas Williams, the author of Desky Kernowek, has been described by Philip Payton, Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies of the University of Exeter, as “the foremost scholar of the Cornish language”.   Michael Everson, arbenegor a systemow scrifa meur y hanow, a wrug parusy chaptra an lyver adro dhe leveryans ha spellyans. An Professor Nicholas Williams, auctour Desky Kernowek, re beu descrifys gans an Professor Philip Payton, Kevarwedhor Fùndyans Lien Kernow, Ûnyversyta Keresk, avell “chîf-scoler a’n tavas Kernowek.”
Publication of Desky Kernowek has been made possible in part by the generous support of Agan Tavas and Cussel an Tavaz Kernûak.   Possybyl veu dylla Desky Kernowek in radn dre weres larych Agan Tavas ha Cussel an Tavaz Kernûak.

Also available from: Spyrys a Gernow

A set of errata is now available.

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