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Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek

English-Cornish Dictionary

Nicholas Williams

Editor: Michael Everson. Second edition, 2006. Redruth: Agan Tavas. ISBN-10 1-901409-09-0; ISBN-13 978-1-901409-09-3. Westport: Evertype. ISBN-10 1-904808-06-9; ISBN-13 978-1-904808-06-0. xlii + 502 pp. Price: GBP 28.00 + GBP 3.00 (EU), GBP 5.00 (elsewhere). Click on the book cover on the right to order this book from Amazon.co.uk!

The author is a Bard of the Gorsedd of Cornwall, and lecturer in the Faculty of Celtic Studies, University College, Dublin. This 544-page dictionary is the most comprehensive English-Cornish dictionary ever published, containing over 25,000 headwords, many with extensive examples of words in context. The dictionary is 72% larger than Nance's 1938 dictionary, and utilizes Unified Cornish Revised orthography. This second edition contains new vocabulary from the recently-discovered play Bewnans Ke. The section on Cornish place-names has also been expanded and revised.

As with any dictionary, errors and omissions are inevitable. Corrections and additions to the dictionary can be found on the online addenda and errata page which is expected to be updated as necessary.

Some reviews and responses to them can be found on the reviews page.

Available from:

Agan Tavas, Gordon Villa, Sunnyvale Road, Portreath, Redruth TR16 4NE, Kernow, UK.

love I n. kerensa f.; sergh. (as term of endearment) cüf-colon; keresyk; melder; whegyn; whegen f. hello, ~! durda dhys, ow melder!; lowena dhys, whegen! self-~ omgerensa f.; honengerensa f. I learnt Cornish for the ~ of it me a wrüg desky Kernowek awo·s me dh’y gara. give my ~ to your sister remember vȳ dhe’th whōr. courtly ~ sergh cortes. ~ affair omgara; kerensa f. güdhys. ~ child flōgh kerensa; flōgh dyre·th; bastard. ~-hate relationship kescowethyans cās ha kerensa. ~-in-a-mist (Nigella damscena) blejen f. fenokel; colm kerensa. ~-in-idleness (Viola tricolor) losowen f. an Drynsys. ~-letter lyther kerensa. ~-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus) an golon f. wojek. ~-making (courtship) profyans kerensa; sergh; omgara. (sexual intercourse) coplans; kyjyans. ~-sick clāf drē gerensa. for ~’s sake paramou·r. II v. cara. do you ~ me more than these? esta worth ow hara vy moy es an rē ma? ~ truly ewn-gara. ~ oneself, one another omgara.
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