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Get a grip and stay sane: Self-Healing with the Nadi Technique

Billy Roberts

Portlaoise: Evertype, 2016. ISBN 978-1-78201-186-6.
Price: €14.95, £11.95. $16.95.

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Get a grip

The Nadi Technique is an effective way of ener­gizing the body to encourage optimum health on all levels. It contains an eclectic mix of ancient eastern and western methods that culminate in a comple­men­tary self-healing system for the treatment of emotional and physical conditions. In the western world we rely far too much on allopathic treatments, with overuse of antibiotics and other chemicals that frequently do more harm than good. Working on the holistic premise that before we can heal the part, we must first treat the whole, the Nadi Technique, as a holistic healing system, helps to achieve just that.

The body is a veritable network of channels, along which energy (prana) flows in the relentless work of revitalizing the individual components of the body and maintaining its balance and equilibrium. The primary channels are the Meridians, equated with the trunk of a tree, and the minor channels (the Nadis) the branches of the tree. As a result of either poor diet, stress, or wrong thinking, the flow of prana along the subtle chan­nels is gradually restricted, causing an ad­verse effect on the corre­sponding part or parts of the physical body. Although a visit to an acupuncturist or reflexologist can in many cases resolve the problem, the Nadi Technique may be used by you in the comfort of your own home.

Some of the treatments include: rhythmic breath­ing (pranayama), ancient water treatments, colour therapy, energy transference, chakra balancing, meditation and relaxation, aura balancing, diet, tapping treat­ment, and much more.

As well as helping to maintain a healthier body, the Nadi Technique will also change the way you think.

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