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Ifflepinn Island:
A tale to read aloud for green-growing children and evergreen adults

Ifflepinn Island

By Muz Murray, illustrated by the author

First edition, 2014. Cathair na Mart: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-052-4 (paperback), price: €17.95, £15.95, $20.95.

Edited by Michael Everson and Mathew Staunton.

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  Our hero Iffleplum is no ordinary ifflepinn. He dreams of dashing deeds and derring-do and saving damsels in distress. But on finding himself entrapped in a faery mushroom ring and menaced by the shambling shadow-creatures known as Gropes, he thinks again—too late!

“Don’t throw your heart away on wild deeds,” his Iffle-mother Mumkin had warned him. But alas! when his wild wishes suddenly come true, in fearful shock, the spirit of his heart flies out as he is whisked away on a terrifying and unexpected journey, left a wanderer with an empty heart. His search to find its elfin-spirit plunges him into the worlds of Half-Elves and Dwemmers, Men and Ghòrs, Trolls and Ogres, Umbelopes and Pogs, and more fantastical adven­tures than he ever dreamed…

Ifflepinn Island
  Muz Murray, a practised story­teller, is a world-travelling adventurer, a sur­realist artist and illu­strator. He has been a scenic artist, costume designer, and actor in theatre and film, a stuntman and singer, a zoo-keeper, elephant trainer, art teacher, deckhand, night-club singer, and many other weird and wonderful things, as he hitch-hiked halfway round the world (being shot at by bandits, sur­viving knife attacks, hold-ups, poisoned darts, and earthquakes), crossing deserts, living with dervishes in Turkey and Iran and with yogis in India. Muz is a mystic, teaching in Yoga Centres around the world.  

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