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Kensa Lyver Redya

Kensa Lyver Redya

By Harriette Taylor Treadwell and Margaret Free

Translated by Eddie Foirbeis Climo

First edition, 2009. Illustrations by Frederick Richardson. Cathair na Mart: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-904808-24-4 (paperback), price: €10.95, £8.95, $12.95.

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This first reader is aimed at early learners of Cornish, whether children or adults. It has a relatively small vocabulary of just over 200 words, and presents nine classic stories: The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Boy, The Old Woman and the Pig, The Boy and the Goat, The Pancake, Chicken Licken, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Tuppens, and Little Spider’s First Web.   Yma an kensa lyver redya-ma têwlys rag an descor avar, be va flogh bò den leundevys. Nyns eus lies ger dyvers i’n lyver, nebes moy ès 200 warbarth. Y fÿdh kefys ino naw whedhel classyk: An Yar Vian Rudh, An Maw a Vara Jynjyber, An Venyn Goth ha’n Porhel, An Maw ha’n Avar, An Grampethen, Ÿdhnyk Lÿdhnyk, An Try Bogh Bewek, Trednar Bian, ha Kensa Gwias an Gefnysen Vian.
The book is written in the spelling called Kernowek Standard. It contains more than ninety illustrations by the artist Frederick Richardson.   Yma an lyver screfys i'n spellyans gelwys Kernowek Standard. I’n lyver Kernowek-ma y fÿdh gwelys moy es deg war peswar ugans a’n delinyansow gwrÿs gans an artyst Frederick Richardson.
A version of this book in English is also available.

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