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Midnight Metamorphosis

War of the Worlds

By Deborah E. Kehoe

First edition, 2018. Dundee: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-214-6 (paperback), price: €13.95, £11.95, $15.95.

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When her mother died, Avery Anderson finally had a chance to leave a runaway life behind to try to have a normal one. After she moves in with her aunt Brenna and starts her new high school in Dover, California, Avery discovers that she isn’t an average teenage girl. On her sixteenth birthday she’ll inherit a mixture of Elemental and Seer powers. There’s only one problem: at fifteen, she’s already pretty powerful.    
Cole Sullivan was transplanted to Dover for a mission—and that mission is Avery. Cole is an Elemental who has trained to be a Guardian, having gained powers over three elements when he was twelve years of age. When Cole befriends Avery, he realizes that guarding her is going to be more difficult than he imagined. With her growing powers, she may be the daughter prophesied to bring about the end of his kind.    
When twins Devon and Dani Finn are suddenly enrolled by their father in the same school as Avery with an order to contain her if she’s dangerous, Devon gets suspicious though his sister supports their dad. Devon realizes that he and Avery may have a lot in common through shared talismans that align their powers, and they build a friendship.    

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