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Mou Her Name
Uttering Her Name in Scots

Mou Her Name

By Gabriel Rosenstock, translated into Scots by John McDonald

First edition, 2018. Dundee: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-205-4 (paperback), price: €9.95, £7.95, $10.95.

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Dar Óma
A gaed reengin
fir Ye
an fund Ye
i the flicht o swallaes
i the derk err
as though they ettled
tae waff the deein sin
tae lowe

Mou Her Name forrits the reader mair nor a hunner pomes in whit the makar cries a neo-bhakti style—a modren skew on thae poems o deep holiness whilk are threipit an croonit in India yit. Aff the cuff an meestical thae ootpoorins heize frae ayont the makar’s ain mense, he’s tiggit the hem o the Yirth Mither’s goun, an she’s turnt tae’m, an throuch his maisterly airt, turns tae us.

Gabriel Rosenstock: Makar, haijin, scriever/owersetter o mair nor a hunner beuks maistly i the Irish leid.    
John McDonald: Scots makar, turnt tae scrievin haiku ten year since, hud a nummer o beuks pit oot sinsyne. Jynt up wi Gabriel Rosenstock fir a pickle owersettins ower the years. Hus a blog o scots haiku ZENSPEUG whilk he ettles tae update ilka day.

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