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My Head is Missing: A Kerry Detective Story

My Head is Missing

By Gabriel Rosenstock

First edition, 2016. Portlaoise: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-78201-181-1 (paperback), price: €9.95, £7.95, $10.95.

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Strange goings on in Powl Duv, a sleepy Irish village in County Kerry, where the one-man Kerry Detective Agency (KDA) gets bogged down in one mystery after another. And what sort of place is the mysterious Powl Duv anyway? It seems to exist in a time warp…

My Head is Missing is a delightful romp. On one page it’s Alexander McCall Smith, turn a page – and this is a page-turner for sure – and we’re in Carlos Castaneda territory, or the land of Flann O’Brien, or all three together if such unlikely company is at all imaginable.

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