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A sequel to Jules Verne’s
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas
and The Mysterious Island

Craig Weatherhill

First edition. Cathair na Mart: Evertype, 2009. ISBN 978-1-904808-40-4.
Price: €28.95, £22.95. $32.95.

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On a doomed volcanic island in the southern Pacific, a group of American castaways commit the body of an enigmatic genius to the deep, along with the secrets of an extraordinary life…


The Deep Watch environmental ship Aurora mysteriously sinks with all hands in remote Antarctic waters and a subsequent oceanic sequence of strange sightings, antique gold bars and damaged ships blazes a trail around the world. Separate investigations by journalist Barrington Hobbes and Naval Intelligence officer Donall Lindsay lead both towards extreme danger on land and sea, a worldwide ecological conspiracy … and an avenging legend!

About the author

Born in 1950, Craig Weatherhill is the author of several books, including three novels based upon the legends of his native Cornwall, two of which were serialized on BBC Radio Cornwall. A lifelong afficionado of Jules Verne, he is closely linked with the sea: his father was a Royal Naval (Fleet Air Arm) officer involved with the develop­ment of both radar and the sonobuoy; and the author himself has sailed in Cornish, Breton, Baltic, and Mediterranean waters. Formerly a Royal Air Force cartographer and local authority architect and conservation officer, as well as a respected Cornish historian with several appearances on independent television, he is also a skilled illustrator whose work appears in several of his own publications.

Table of Contents

  • Dramatis Personæ
  • Prologue—Tombstone of a Legend
  • Chapter 1—Leviathan
  • Chapter 2—The Hunt
  • Chapter 3—Antique Gold
  • Chapter 4—Pyramus
  • Chapter 5—Mobilis in Mobili
  • Chapter 6—Maelstrom
  • Chapter 7—The Hostage
  • Chapter 8—The Net
  • Chapter 9—Frozen Fire
  • Chapter 10—The Last Words of Captain Nemo
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