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Towards Authentic Cornish

Form and Content in Revived Cornish

Nicholas Williams

First edition, 2006. Reprinted with corrections 2011. Cathair na Mart: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-904808-09-1 (paperback), price: €19.95, £15.95, $23.95.

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Towards Authentic Cornish is in the first place a rebuttal of the defence of Kernowek Kemyn attempted by Paul Dunbar and Ken George in Kernewek Kemmyn: Cornish for the Twenty-First Century. In the present work, Professor Williams demonstrates with examples from the Cornish texts just how unconvincing is George’s defence of Kernowek Kemyn. The latter portions of the book offer a detailed critique of George’s Gerlyver Kernewek Kemmyn and of Wella Brown’s Grammar of Modern Cornish. First published on 2006-11-30.

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