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Whedhlow Kernowek: Stories in Cornish

Whedhlow Kernowek

By A. S. D. Smith (Caradar)

First edition, 2010. Cathair na Mart: Evertype. ISBN 978-1-904808-47-3 (hardback), price: €10.95, £8.95, $12.95.

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Heb dowt vÿth yth o Caradar (A. S. D. Smith, 1883–1950) an gwella scrifor a Gernowek a dhedhyow avarr an dasserghyans. Y fÿdh kefys i’n lyver-ma try rew a whedhlow dhyworth y bluven ev hag a veu gwelys rag an kensa prÿs lies bledhen alebma. An kensa bagas a whedhlow yw kemerys in mes a’y gùntellyans Nebes Whedhlow Ber (1948); yma an secùnd rew a whedhlow kemerys dhyworth y lyver Whethlow an Seyth Den Fur a Rom (1948), ha’n tressa bagas a whedhlow a veu gwelys in dadn an tîtel “Forth an Broder Odryk” in Kemysk Kernewek: A Cornish Miscellany (1964). Yma kefys i’n lyver-ma kefrÿs gerva usy moy ès 1,400 ger ha hanow styrys inhy.   Without any doubt Caradar (A. S. D. Smith, 1883– 1950) was the best writer of Cornish of the early revival. Three groups of stories from his pen will be found in this book that were all published many years ago. The first group come from his collection Nebes Whethlow Ber (1948); the second group of stories are to be found in his Whethlow an Seyth Den Fur a Rom (1948), and the third series appeared with the title “Forth an Broder Odryk” in Kemysk Kernewek: A Cornish Miscellany (1964). The book also contains a vocabulary in which more than 1,400 words and names are glossed.

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