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Implementation of the Single European Currency is a complex and potentially expensive undertaking. Government officials and international standardizers have been concerned with ensuring that in the field of information technology, support for the new currency is available by the time it is to begin to be used.

One unusual thing which has been noted is a concern on the part of the Commission that "the" glyph to be associated with the character be "the" one officially "approved" and "registered". But this goes against all normal precedent for typographic design!

The "official" glyph and its proportions are shown on the European Monetary Institute's web-site at http://euro.eu.int. I have copied the picture here (though I changed the colour of the symbol itself).


The publication of the euro symbol generated a lot of discussion on the discussion list for Typography and Type Design. I made a selection of the relevant postings, taking them from from the TYPO-L logs.

Below is a table of euro symbols I designed together with their $, ¢, and £ neighbours. It wasn't difficult, and it didn't take long. I did keep the angle defining the longer ends of the crossbars. One character, the fancy "E" with two loops instead of one, was a pure experiment. A failure, I think.


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