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In different countries, the position of currency abbreviations varies considerably. In the euro-zone, the following conventions have been observed. I based this page on specifications from Mac OS: Mac OS 10.1.5 supported the old currencies in the locales; the euro formats are expected in Mac OS 10.2. I have added Solaris specifications from Sun. I would be interested to learn whether or not these same specifications are found in other operating systems. It seems odd that different OSes should give different formats for the same region.
 Mac OS specificationSolaris spec.
LocaleNew currencyOld currency
Austria1.234,56 €1.234,56 ÖS€ 1 234,56
Belgium€1.234,56BF 1.234,561.234,56€ (fr)
€ 1.234,56 (nl)
Catalonia1.234,56 €1.234,56pts€ 1.234,56
Finland1 234,56 €1 234,56 mk1 234,56€
France1 234,56 €1 234,56 F1 234,56€
Germany1.234,56 €1.234,56 DM1.234,56€
Greece€1.234,56δρ. 1.234,56
or ₯ 1.234,56
Ireland€1,234.56£1,234.56€ 1,234.56
Italy€1.234,56L. 1.234€ 1.234,56
Luxembourg&euro1.234,56LUF 1.234,56€ 1.234,56
or ƒ 1.234,56
€ 1.234,56
Portugal1 234,56 €1 234,56$1.234,56€
Spain1.234,56 €1.234,56Pts€ 1.234,56
Italicized values were not shipped as locales in the Mac OS
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