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Wigmore* Scraws from behind the ditch (Article in Magill, Ireland's current affairs monthly, May 2002, p. 61)

Wigmore is deeply impressed by the one-man campaign launched by Michael Everson of Evertype to do away with all this 'euro' business. Mr Everson has of late been bombarding politicians and media people with extremely cogent and erudite documents expressing objections to the use of 'euro' and 'cent' to denote both the singular and plural forms of the new currency. Even before hearing of this campaign, Wigmore had been engaging in his own private protest by insisting on using 'euros' and 'cents' as the plural forms, and was therefore delighted to learn that he was not alone in thinking the official position both pretentious and an affront to common sense. Mr Everson has written an open letter to the Minister of Finance demanding swift action to deal with this deeply ridiculous situation. "In sociocultural and sociolinguistic terms," he informed Mr McCreevy, "the way in which the plural of our new currency has been promulgated... is a very serious error, which, unfortunately, appears to be due to a misunderstanding of the intent of some EU legislation."
Mr Everson was himself involved in the computer standardisation of the euro sign. He is a polyglot linguist, font designer and typesetter, with a long-time interest in minority languages, language rights and cultural diversity in information technology. Mr Everson makes out his argument in terms of genitives, nominative plurals and European law.
"It is perfectly correct to use 'euros' and 'cents' when talking about our new currency," Mr Everson informed the Minister, "despite what the government seems to believe, and despite what has been taken up by (or given to) the Irish media."
You can hardly imagine how much it gladdens Wigmore's wearied heart to hear that a man of such erudition has come to the same conclusion as a result of serious thought and study as Wigmore came to on the basis of obstinacy and pure prejudice. "For us in Ireland to parrot the artificial 'euro' and 'cent' is just plain silly, if not downright embarrassing," Mr Everson declares. This is true patriotism. Wigmore could not agree more, and wishes to announce that, in protest at the continuing insult represented by the government's diktat, he is henceforth going to refer to the currency as 'europes'.
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