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  • Ogham Standard Character Set The definitive list of Ogham characters which is part of ISO/IEC 10646. The Ogham character names are given in English and Irish Gaelic. http://www.evertype.com/standards/og/n037.html
  • Clófhoirne Oghaim • Ogham Fonts Everything you ever wanted. This site contains one font by Curtis Clark, seven fonts by Michael Everson, one by Jost Gippert, and one by David F. Nalle. All of these fonts are encoded in accordance with I.S. 434:1999. These are the only fonts you will ever need! Mac formats available now, PC formats soon. http://www.evertype.com/celtscript/ogfont.html

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    • American Epigraphics: Ogam Brief discussion of ancient North American "Ogham" incriptions. Has a link to a gif of the Ogham chart, and a link to a stone from Oregon with an "untranslated ogam" on it. Looks like CRBST to me, unless it's upside down. http://www.pe.net/~merlin/ogam.html
    • America's First Christmas Card Lengthy article by Mike McCormack on early Irish influence in America. Unfortunately it goes on about Celtic "Oghams" dating to 2500 B.C. http://www.catholicism.org/pages/brendan.htm
    • Celtic Symbol Leads to Silver Mine Newspaper story about an "Ogham" find in New Mexico. http://www.treasure.com/news7.htm
    • Dungeons & Dragons Christopher Arthur Hansen Brooks' Dungeons and Dragons page, which links Curtis Clark's Ogham font Beth-Luis-Nion for Windows. http://www.sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca/~aa499/dnd.htm
    • Edo Nylands's Homepage Edo's page includes "some entirely new ideas about the origins of many of the languages of the world", including Ogham. http://www.islandnet.com/~edonon/homepage.html
    • The Geo Group Dowser Charles B Pettis III believes that he found "a standing stone and a recumbent stone with Iberian Ogam inscriptions believed to have been written by European Celts 3000 years ago". http://www.geo.org/dowse3a.htm
    • The Gungywamp Society Interested in "the apparent existance of early Christian religious symbols and old Gaelic messages written in Bronze and early Iron Age Ogam script [which indicates] a long and varied contact between the New World and the Old". http://goudsward.com/gungywamp/
    • History on the Rocks Transcription of an interview with some folks who believe that "Ogham" inscriptions were found in prehistoric Amecica, and indeed at Stonehenge ca. 2000 BCE.http://archaeoastronomy.com/celtamerica.html
    • Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents and Ancient Astronauts: "Cult" Archaeology & Creationism Syllabus for Larry Zimmerman's course in appreciating weirdo archaeology. Includes a reference to "Runes, Ogam and Ancient Scripts: America BC". http://www.usd.edu/anth/courses/lost/losttrib.htm
    • Ogham "Ogham is a kernel for distributed operating systems. It is based on an object model, with all objects accessed in a location independent fashing using a specialised communication facility. Resource managers are realised as processes that are free to migrate throughout the system. Ogham is designed to allow local area interconnected microcomputers to be used as a computing facility for the investigation of distributed operating systems." Well now that would surprise folks in the 6th century. http://www-vs.informatik.uni-ulm.de/DOSinWWW/TextFiles/DOSKernels/Ogham.html
    • The Oracle: A Newsletter about America's Stonehenge Has a reference to some Colorado "Ogams". http://www.peekaboo.net/stonehenge/oracle1.html
    • Petroglyph has Important Dual Meaning Newspaper story about an "Ogham" find in New Mexico. http://www.treasure.com/news8.htm
    • Potency and sin: Ireland and the phallic continuum Appreciation of phallic monuments in general and in Ireland, including those with Ogham written on them. http://www.indigogroup.co.uk/edge/phallic.htm
    • Stargate - Ogham alphabet Mark Roberts theorizes that Ogham is far more ancient than is generally believed, and that it has connections, via the Pleiades, with Berber and Ancient Egyptian. He also suggests that the Ogham alphabet can be used as a cypher to read Crop Circles. Wow. http://home.earthlink.net/~pleiadesx/ogham.htm
    • Tír na nÓg A lot about Elves, a little about Ogham. Review of a D&D type GMs' book. http://www.interware.it/users/paolo/sr2/reviews/tno.html
    • Who Invented Bar Codes? "The Irish of course!". Brief note about Ogham with a large picture. Also refers to prehistoric New World "oghams". http://www.castletown.com/ogham.htm

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